V-200P Automatic Screen Filter


V-200P Specifications

Filter body

  • 3" NPT inlet/outlet
  • 3" BSP inlet/outlet
  • 3" Victaulic inlet/outlet
  • Glass reinforced nylon


  • 316L SS sintered **
Filtration Range
  • 10 to 1500 micron **
Flow Range
  • 7  to 50 m3/hr (30 to 220 gpm) per filter
Max Pressure
  • 8 bar (120 psi) **
Min Pressure
  • 2 bar (30 psi) **
Max Temp
  • 40° C (104° F) **
Flush Cycle
  • 10 to 15 seconds
Control Options
  • MicroFlush - up to 4 filters

(AC/DC battery available)

** Other options are available on request.

The award wininng V-200P features the most advanced and cost effective self-cleaning screen filtration technology available today.  Ideal for flow rates from 7 m3/hr to 50 m3/hr (30 gpm to 220 gpm); the V-200P offers a best value solution for automatic filtration down to 10 micron.

The V-SeriesTM patented drive mechanism used in the V-200P is the most efficient and simplistic design available resulting in:

  • Fewer moving parts
  • Simpler controls
  • Lowest flush flow rates and volumes available
  • No power required
  • Multiple pass cleaning
  • Limited maintenance requirements

Constructed using glass reinforced nylon and 316L stainless steel, the inherently corrosion resistant materials ensure a long service life under a wide range of water quality conditions.

The 10 to 15 second flush cycle is automatically initiated when a pressure differential across the screen increases to a maximum of 0.5 bar (7 psi). The filter remains on-line, and the filtration process remains uninterrupted during the cleaning process. The flush discharge is the lowest available resulting in minimal waste.

Process water, cooling tower filtration, pre-filtration of membrane, irrigation, or wherever suspended solids are removed down to 10 micron are applications perfectly suited for the V-200P.

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