Self-Cleaning Intake Suction Screen




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  • Self-cleaning, with very low maintenance requirements
  • Construction options: hot dip galvanized, expoxy coated carbon steel, and 304/316 stainless steel combined
  • Heavy duty, corrosion resistant construction for a long service life
  • No exterior moving parts
  • Hydraulically powered
  • Simple installation
  • Available in: 12 mesh (1680 micron), 18 mesh (1000 micron), and 24 mesh (710 micron)
  • When combined with a V-Series automatic self-cleaning screen filter, any water source can be filtered down to 10 micron!

General Information

If you pump water, you know how important it is to keep equipment running smoothly and water flowing freely. Whether you are pumping water from a stream, canal, river, ditch, pit, sump, or pond, you need the water to be free of debris that could block water flow, damage the pump, clog water distribution equipment or damage process equipment.

The Self-Cleaning Intake Suction Screen is galvanized or epoxy coated and utilizes a heavy 12, 18, or 24 mesh, stainless steel screen designed to increase pump efficiency. The screen continuously removes debris from water. This saves time and money in fuel, pumping efficiency, and maintenance costs. The suction strainers can be used for numerous applications with intake.

The suction strainer is attached to the end of the pump in the water source. All water pulled in must traverse the screen before entering the intake pipe. The screen stops trash and debris from entering and causing costly maintenance requirements in your system. The pump discharge return line drives two spray bars that continually rotate, jet water at the screen, and blast debris away from the screen at 2.8 to 4.5 bar (40 to 65 psi) operating range.

The pump intake suction strainer has no external moving parts. It can be installed at any altitude without the operation being affected. The strainer is uncollapsible and corrosion resistant and also has a standard flanged connection. Other connections are available upon request.

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