SH-200 Filter Skid with Enclosure

SH200 Skid Enclosure Closed SH200 Skid Enclosure Open

General Information
The SH-200 Skid with enclosure has been specifically designed to provide optimum service accessibility, while providing the filter assembly with vandal resistant housing.  The SH-200 is offered in two (2) configurations: 1) totally enclosed with side air vents and 2) is open mesh as shown above.  The compact design along with the vandal resistant features makes it the perfect choice for small irrigation systems with flow rates of 50 m3/hr (220 gpm) or less.

The V-200 filter is ideal for flow rates from 7 m3/hr to 50 m3/hr (30 to 220 gpm) with filtration ranging from 1000 to 80 micron.  The patented Bi-directional Hydrodynamic Drive (BHD) mechanism used in the V-200P is the most efficient and simplistic design available resulting in fewer moving parts, lowest flush flow rates, and no power required for cleaning.  Constructed using glass reinforced nylon and 316L stainless steel, the inherently corrosion resistant materials of the V-200P ensure a long service life under a wide range of water quality conditions including seawater.

Please contact VAF to discuss your application.  Wherever Water Flows...

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