NSF® Automatic Water Filters


NSFThere are certain applications where domestic potable water supplies require filtration to protect plumbing devices, such as faucets and toilets, from small grains of sand or scale that may come from city mainlines.  This being the case, it is crucial that filters used for this purpose be certified by NSF®. 

VAF has a complete line of NSF® certified filters for flow rates from as low as 7 m3/hr (30 gpm) to virtually unlimited maximum flows using multiple filters.  The V-Series automatic self-cleaning screen filters have all been certified as NSF®-61-372 compliant.  Certification provided by NSF® International means that all filter components have been deemed safe for potable drinking water that is flowing through the filters and specifically that no filter component coming in contact with the water supply contains lead. 

Please contact VAF for more information or a quotation for your NSF® filtration requirements! 
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