F76 Filters

VAF model F76 filters provide state-of-the-art filtration for liquid flows up to 23 m3/hr (100 gpm).  By a unique internal valve and suction dirt collector arrangement, they deliver true 'reverse flow' filtration during the backwash cycle - the most efficient flushing system possible. Stainless screen sizes are available from 200 to 50 micron.  Standard model includes a manual flushing valve, however an automatic timed based system is available.  For the ultimate system, a DP gage/switch can be added.  This will allow the filter to flush only as needed. Designed and crafted using German engineering and QC, this filter is truly the Mercedes of small filters.

Typical Applications
  • Private wells
  • Municipal water
  • Lake water
  • Process water
  • Protection of pumps, valves, sensors
  • Drinking fountains
  • Soda vending machines