CTF-Series Skid for Cooling Tower Filter Systems

CTF-Series Automatic Self-Cleaning Filter Skid

The CTF-Series Automatic Self-Cleaning Filter Skid provides solutions for full stream, side stream, and basin cleaning for cooling tower separation of solids from water.  Based on the micron selected, the removal of all solids to the micron rating can be achieved in a matter of minutes not hours.  When used in conjunction with the VAF "TurbulatorTM" Eductor Nozzle system, a side stream system can provide an efficient method for keeping tower basins clean without interrupting the facilities processes.

Significantly reduce maintenance costs, energy costs, chemical usage and most important, reduce the consumption of what is quickly becoming our most valuable natural resource: water.  Backed by VAF's decades of filtration experience, the LCF Automatic Self-Cleaning Skid provides performance and reliability at a cost effective price. 


 CTF Skid


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