Cooling Tower Filtration

Cooling Towers constantly "scrub" airborne contaminants from the atmosphere and often pick up particulate from the process using the cooled water. This build up of dirt, algae and other particles can plug heat exchangers, and spray nozzles, and it is costly to remove when the tower sumps get full. The LCF-Series or CTF-Series is the "filter of choice" for Cooling Tower Filters.


cooling tower filter installation
Monash Medical Center - Clayton, Australia
V-250 80 micron



Swedish Medical Center - Seattle, WA
Seven V-200P Skids



James Hardie Dual V-1500 Skid
James Hardie - California, Illinois, New York, Puerto Rico, Nevada
Dual V-1500 Skids 50 micron, Flow Rates Vary by Location



Amgen Cooling Tower Filter Skid
Amgen Pharmaceutical - Puerto Rico
V-1500-8 50 micron 273 m3/hr (1,200 gpm)



State Building Cooling Tower Water Filtration
Cooling Tower Water Filtration - Iowa State Building
V-250-3 50 micron at 57 m3/hr (250 gpm)



Cooling Tower Filtration - Mexico
PEMEX - Guanajuato, Mexico
Centrifugal Sand Separators Would Not Remove Sand Particles Under 100 micron
V-1000 50 micron at 180 m3/hr (800 gpm)



Cooling Water Filtration - Arequipa, Peru
Sociedad Minera Cerro Verde Copper Mine - Arequipa, Peru
Two V-1500-8 50 micron



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