Seawater Filtration


Seawater Filtration - Pre UV Particulate Filtration
Pre-UV Seawater Filtration - Los Mochis, Mexico, Shrimp Farm
Filtration to Remove Particulate and Virus Carrying Vector Prior to UV
V-1000 25 micron at 45 m3/hr (200 gpm)



V-250 Sea Water Filtration
Offshore Platform Seawater Filtration, North Sea
316L Stainless Steel Skids Filtering Process Water
V-250 25 micron at 23 m3/hr (100 gpm)



 Seawater - Offshore Atlantic
Seawater Filtration for Cooling Water - Offshore Atlantic
2 x V-1500s 100 micron at 568 m3/hr (2,500 gpm)



Custom Seawater Skid
Custom Seawater Filtration Skid - Mexico (Baja Peninsula)
2 x V-500 75 micron at 114 m3/hr (500 gpm)




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