MicroFlush Filter Controller

MF Controller


VAF's MicroFlush™ filtration system controller demonstrates VAF’s commitment to providing quality and

MicroFlush Specifications

  • NEMA 3S
Electrical Input
  • 120/220 VAC 50/60 Hz
  • Battery - 12 VDC or Standard AA Batteries
  • Solar Power
Electrical Output
  • Continuous 24 VAC
  • Latching 12 VDC
  • Steady 12 VDC - AC Unit Only
simplicity with the most advanced self-cleaning screen filtration technologies available today.  VAF’s MicroFlush™ filter controller allows the control andmonitoring of a self-cleaning screen filtration system with unprecedented features and flexibility at an economical price.  VAF’s MicroFlush™ filter controller used in conjunction with VAF’s V-Series filtration products is designed to meet Green Building Initiative (LEED Qualified) requirements by minimizing water and energy waste with this new and innovative technology.


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